Saturday, November 10, 2012

Veteran's day gift


To commemorate veteran's day, If music be the food of crime will be freely downlable on the 11th of November.

If music be the food of crime is a light mystery novel written by the webmistress of

Isolde, 16, is intern in a symphonic orchestra to improve her culture. On her second work day, the big mess begins ... 

A crime story full of humor and unexpected twists and turns set in the strange microcosm of orchestra musicians. 

An inquiry which rambles from Maigret, to Facebook, via a modern version of the adventurous four, Zola, Rouletabille and Einstein and a love story like a roller-coaster.

Cultural clashes: Generation Y against Mozart, gift of the gab against erudition, province against Paris, teens versus parents. On becoming an adult or not, on being an artist and on transmission.

The author's website

The opinion of a reader : Mystery fans will love this one with colorful characters and a twisty plot. The author has intimate knowledge of the inside workings of a French orchestra, and draws us into that world with the personal conflicts and relationships that emerge as the mystery evolves. A wonderfully entertaining mystery!