Friday, April 9, 2010

Lilac in Alice's land

Chapter 2 : Lilac follows the rabbit

The rabbit was not to be found. But behind the bamboo trees, Lilac found an other book offered by her grandmother. Strange! Really strange ! Lilac sat down and looked at the little door that led to wonderland.

No doubt, i twas now a real door, and behind she saw a real garden and she really wanted to go there. She sighed.

- My head won’t go through and my bottom still less. A foot, I could put a foot through the door. But it would be of no use !

She looked around her. She saw a curious object. She picked it and decided to go and show it to her parents. She got up and, toying with the thing, she opened it.

She rememberd having seen women fanning themselves. She was a bit hot. She imitated them… and shrank… A little only. Shed id not notice. She was still hot. She fanned herself again. This time she shrank so much that she noticed immediately. The panic gave her a fever. She fanned herself stronger and shrank more.

She was now very tiny. In three moves of the fan, she was the size of a mouse. For a tall little girl, what a shock !

Now she could enter the lovely garden, but the idea was no more in her head. Her head was now filled with frightening thoughts which were whirling very rapidly. The worse idea was that her cat could confuse her with a mouse and eat her raw. It whirled more and more rapidly and Lilac felt she fell.