Monday, May 3, 2010

Lilac in Alice's land, chapter 3, Lilac falls

Lilas was falling very rapidly head first.

She just had the time to think "I am the size of a mouse and I will soon be broken in microscopic bits"

Tac, her fall had stopped suddenly..

Vzzzzzzzzzzz. She was now falling backwards and was going up quicly.

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Tac, Vzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Tac, Vzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… Again and again. Each time she was going less high.

In the end, she quite stopped moving.

She sighed profoundly and realized she was alive and whole but she was hanging by the feet one meter high. Her dress was wrapped around her legs knotted with a big pink ribbon !

Her mind was not on the decoration. Otherwise, she could have noticed that the wall were adorned with graffitis. All of them said the same thing :

Friday, April 9, 2010

Lilac in Alice's land

Chapter 2 : Lilac follows the rabbit

The rabbit was not to be found. But behind the bamboo trees, Lilac found an other book offered by her grandmother. Strange! Really strange ! Lilac sat down and looked at the little door that led to wonderland.

No doubt, i twas now a real door, and behind she saw a real garden and she really wanted to go there. She sighed.

- My head won’t go through and my bottom still less. A foot, I could put a foot through the door. But it would be of no use !

She looked around her. She saw a curious object. She picked it and decided to go and show it to her parents. She got up and, toying with the thing, she opened it.

She rememberd having seen women fanning themselves. She was a bit hot. She imitated them… and shrank… A little only. Shed id not notice. She was still hot. She fanned herself again. This time she shrank so much that she noticed immediately. The panic gave her a fever. She fanned herself stronger and shrank more.

She was now very tiny. In three moves of the fan, she was the size of a mouse. For a tall little girl, what a shock !

Now she could enter the lovely garden, but the idea was no more in her head. Her head was now filled with frightening thoughts which were whirling very rapidly. The worse idea was that her cat could confuse her with a mouse and eat her raw. It whirled more and more rapidly and Lilac felt she fell.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lilac in Alice's land

Chapter 1 : Lilac meets the rabbit

Lilac was reading in the garden. Well, to be more precise, she was pretending to please her parents.

They had told her that she had to be able to read at six.

She was six since yesterday and could not read yet. Well, could not read a book like this one.

She had yet explained to her grandmother that she preferred stickers and toys. Her grandmother had said she got the point and gave her stickers, a game and ... a book.

That book, full of words and letters.

She began to yawn from boredom. Her vision got blurred and the letters began to dance.

The paper started making waves and the white rabbit walked out of the book.

Lilac knew him already. She had met him two years before in december during one of the journeys she had made with her magic bed.

She saw him darting to the back of the garden mumbling :

- Oh dear ! Oh dear ! I shall be to late !

And he disappeared behind the bamboo trees.

Our pages on Alice in Wonderland and Oxford

Monday, March 22, 2010

In our series of illustrations of Alice in wonderland, one did not satisfy us : the white rabbit. He was not our rabbit.
Today we are satisfied, we found the real one. He was hiding in a little recess.
Here he is !

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Flower's story : Narcissus, a mad man that becomes a flower emblematic of spring

The word narcissus comes from greek mythologie. Narcissus was a beautiful youg man but he was proud, very proud. Nobody was good enough to be loved by him. He rejected every body, including the nymp Echo.
But some day as he was drinking from a spring, he saw a magnificent young man and fell in love with him. He was so smitten with him that he wanted to kiss him and leant to reach, leant, leant so much that he fell in the water and disappeared in it.
Where he was, white flowers grew. They were given his name.
The flowering of narcissus means spring is there, especiacilly the daffodil variety.
Now narcissus exist in many colour, white, yellow, orange and all possible mixtures of them.
In our culture, narcissus is a symbol of vanity. But in China, it is a symbol of luck and richess.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

colorings spring flowers

Colorings of spring flowers.

Some of them are flowers born out of bulbs, blooming quite quickly after a long subterranean period of life

Monday, March 8, 2010

On the tracks of Alice in Wonderland, visit Oxford, colorings, games, illustrations

To discover Oxford's charms, the best is to follow the tracks of the brave little Alice. Going in all directions, following rabbits hurrying, discussing with flowers, fighting with cards, having a never ending tea party, lying in the grass eyes closed, dreaming ...

Alice in wonderland coloring pages : White rabbit, Alice, the catterpillar, the cheshire cat, the mad hatter and the red queen.(miniature examples colored by us on this page)

Find the words of Alice in wonderland, an interactive game.
A Hanjie, nonogramm, graphic puzzle, find the creature met by Alice in Wonderland.

The webmistress work about Alice.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010